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Motive Yoga is not the same without the “Co." — the collective, the collaborative, the community.
Everything we do is the result of the expertise and passion of our “Co.”
We are yogis, athletes, students, teachers, contemplatives, outdoor enthusiasts, altruists and innovators
driven by our love for living big and motivating you to do the same.


Bree Dillon | Founder & Chief Motivator

Endlessly fascinated with our physical and mental capacity to do great things, Bree started Motive as an outlet to explore the complexity and magic of our inner and outer landscape.


Mark Allen | Mountain Guru

IFMGA Mountain Guide and owner of the Mountain Bureau, this is our go-to guy anytime we step off the mat and into the mountains. We trust him implicitly with a tangle of ropes.

Brianna ‘B’ Sweeney | Mover & Shaker

Adrenaline junkie at heart, this girl “moves”. Over the years she’s trained how to move smarter and is teaching other’s do the same on their mats. You’ll meet “B” on our blog and retreats.


Our Students and Biggest Motivators…

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We believe you were born with exactly what you need
to successfully navigate the terrain of your life, daunting mountains and all.
Motive is here to help you access your own potential thru:





Some say information is power. We say awareness is. We’ll show you how to maximize your potential, physical and mental, through awareness.





A sense of adventure keeps us open-minded and always learning. If we can laugh, explore and stay curious on and off the mat, we’ll never stagnate.





The satisfaction of all endeavors is amplified when we have a deep and clear sense of meaning. We seek purpose in our practice and in our play.

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Getting back into yoga can be daunting after an absence. Motive’s instructors make it a wonderful experience by starting from ‘where you are’ and embracing your practice as it begins. Compassionate, inspirational yoga is what Motive provides.
— Lora P.

“I attended a vinyasa flow class at Seattle Bouldering Project. I was so impressed with Bree's ability to facilitate such a large group and guide people into overcoming their need for a personal bubble, and go deep into practice, poses, and mindfulness.” - Laura E


I know that when I take your class I will leave feeling full. Full of life, full of love, full of inspiration. You are nothing short of amazing and you shine this light into everything you do. I wish only that I could practice with you daily. - Jodie L


“I like the approach that Motive is taking with skilled instructors that take the time to see what each student needs in order to help them reach their goals. It's also cool to see Motive taking things outside the studio by offering weekend retreats and longer trips to some pretty great locations.” - Duffy K


“I was immediately taken with Bree's teaching style and when I decided to find an instructor to work with me 1:1 she was the first and only person that I reached out to. I simply dig her teaching style. It's always fun, challenging, and tailored to what I'm working on or needing that particular day. I really couldn't ask for anything more from an instructor/confidant/friend. Highly highly recommend her.” - Brittany H. 

I really resonate with the mission of functional, powerful movement. I’m not trying to look a certain way, I want to FEEL and BE a certain way - accepting, balanced, strong, present, grateful. Motive helps me tap into and manifest those feelings while I work out the kinks in my body along the way.
— Colleen S.

Why “Motive”?



(noun) a reason for doing something, especially one that is hidden or not obvious



(adjective) producing physical or mechanical motion



(adjective) causing or being the reason for something


Seems pretty fitting to us!

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