Pendleton Meditation Cushion

Pendleton Meditation Cushion


This meditation pillow will support your posture and practice in style.
The blanket weight Pendleton, 15oz heavy canvas sides, and 15 oz waxed canvas bottom are designed for durability.

Filled with 2 pounds of organic Kapok filler. The handle hides a zipper that allows you to adjust the amount of filler for your desired firmness.

12 “ wide x 5.5” tall 

About Kapok Fiber: AKA “silk cotton”. It is harvested from the seeds of the tropical kapok tree (ceiba pentandra). These unique fibers have a long list of wonderful characteristics: thermo-regulator, water resistance, certified organic, environmental sustainability - grown without toxins, synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).

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