We love collaborating! Partnership adds depth and dimension to our mission. We are so grateful to be teamed up with...


M.B. is a boutique mountain guiding service with a worldwide presence. They focus on their client's goals and safe progression through complex terrain. As credentialed professionals each guide is licensed and certified in the mountain discipline they practice.  They are the only service to brand “fair-trade” guiding in the US and are our choice partners for our yoga + skiing and yoga + climbing programs. 


C.E. are pros when it comes to endurance coaching and strength training. Their motto: It's never too late to start working toward a goal. They are headquartered in Mazama, WA but have a national reach. These guys host regional races, lead domestic trips and retreats, and offer people virtually coaching. We love teaming up on clinics, trainings and retreats with them!


Clothing designer, Nube9, weaves social and environmental stewardship, innovation and artistry into every garment they make. They take plastic out of our ocean and landfills to make our favorite yoga pants. We see spending our money with them as mindful consumption and an extension of our yoga practice. 


The brand of Seattle personal chef and yogi, Aubrey Jenkins. Drumbeets is her outlet to create tasty, healthy meals that nourish and support wellness. Aubrey loves experimenting with flavors and developing recipes focused on whole, seasonal foods to help others fuel their active lifestyles.