Change is in the air. If you’re craving some this Fall challenge is for you!

Through this 8-week commitment you’ll join others who are ready to challenge their daily habits to optimize their physical and mental health — to take their practice and life to the next level. 

Yoga every day might seem intimidating.  Yes, you will be challenged to carve out time every day to practice, but these exercises include breathing, concentration, rest, meditation, reflection as well as movement. Because yoga is more than doing a bunch of poses. 

This is a supported “challenge” with check-ins, point tracking and cool goodies awaiting you at the end.  AND, you’ll get lots of rewards along the way just from doing the work. 





WHEN | October 3 - November 21

PRICE | $49 for 49 days

HOW IT WORKS | Bree has created an 8week calendar full of daily movement, meditation, and breathing exercises no longer than 15 minutes. Each daily practice you complete you earn a gold star. And, for every Mazama yoga class you attend you get 2 gold stars. Whoever has the most gold stars at the end gets some rockin’ goodies. 

WHO IT’S FOR | Yoga every day might seem intimidating but these practices are meant for everyone. The daily practices include movement, meditation and breathing exercises intended to meet you where you’re at— beginner to advanced. 


  • An 8-week daily practice guide that you can do from anywhere (never longer than 15mins)

  • Daily check-ins with Bree

  • Weekly journal prompts (take em or leave em)

  • Community accountability and support

  • Massive inspo!

  • *** The cost of yoga classes are not included in the price. 



WHY DO THIS? Habits create change. If you commit every day to do something good for your physical and mental health you’ll experience the benefits.  This commitment will help give you simple, approachable ways to craft new habits that will make you feel better. Plus, you get the added benefits of accountability and inspiration that come with Bree’s guidance and your fellow challenge participants. 

WHAT IF I’M GONE DURING THIS TIME? That’s ok.  You can still participate.  It just means you wont earn points for coming class, but you can still earn stars for doing the daily practices.

Each day you’ll complete the practice featured in your daily practice guide and text Bree saying you completed it. This will earn you 1 gold star. In addition, if attend a Sunday 9am or Thursday 6:15pm yoga class in Mazama, you’ll earn 2 gold stars per class. The Thursday 5:30pm Abs and Core class counts as 1 gold star. Bree will track your gold stars on a chart so that you and your fellow yogis can keep each other on track.

WHAT ARE THE REWARDS? Some cool Motive swag plus all the awesome gains you make doing the work along the way.